Cucumber Piccolino F1 (mini)

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Picolino is a fab mini cuc, the fruits are about 12cm long, the perfect size for one meal, crisp and juicy deliciousness without left-overs! Picolino is an all-female variety that produces many fruits:  pick regularly to maintain production. Grow indoors or outside, outside fruits will keep appearing into September whilst indoors your last fruits could be in October.  Price for 4 seeds



SOW: start seeds in pots during April and May. Water from underneath.  Pot on when the true leaves have formed. The stem is very delicate, be careful during transplanting & when tying in.


GROW: harden off & transplant outdoor cucumbers in May or June after all danger of frost has passed. A wigwam of canes placed 60cm apart is the best support, tie the plants in as they grow.  Water carefully (avoiding the stem) to avoid damping off, using a planted bottle to water helps with this (cut off the base and turn upside down & “plant” next to your cuc, fill with water and allow to drain into the soil by your cucumber’s roots).  Harvest from late June onwards picking regularly.


EAT: cucs are extremely versatile in the kitchen beyond being used in green salads and as a garnish.

They are especially good paired with mint and dill; why not make your own tzatziki.

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