Courgette Tromborcino Albenga

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from on 15/09/2020
Grows well and vigorously. (Rampages?) Produces lots of courgettes. Good flavour and texture. They keep their texture when cooked better than the ordinary ones. Their only slight downside is that once cut they do not keep as well as conventional courgettes - but who cares about that - for domestic use cut them as you need them.
Also, they are good for a laugh.
A real talking point at the allotments
from on 14/09/2015
I couldn't resist trying these and I'm so glad I only grew three because they rampaged all over my pumpkin trellis, out along the path, into someone else's allotment (oops!), through the rest of the vegetable plot sprouting big, curvy fruits that were a real talking point among other allotmenteers. They do form some rather unusual shapes and made great presents. The ones which grew on the ground coiled up like snakes. They are like a slightly firmer, sweeter courgette in taste and certainly can get very large - I grew one that was well over a meter long. My offers to donate some to our local Church for decorations at Harvest Festival have been politely declined. It's mid September and they're still going strong even though the other courgettes are slowing down now. If you have the space, I'd say give them a try.

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