Courgette Clarion F1

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Beautiful pale green mottled fruit produced in profusion on an open plant.  This is a Lebanese type variety with a gently nutty, almost almond, flavour.  Why not try a Kousa mahshi recipe – stuffed courgette cooked in tomato.

SOW & GROW: 1 seed per pot. Keep moist, but not waterlogged. Start seeds in April and May, ready to transplant after 4 weeks (protect from frost).  Fruit from June onwards

EAT: serves 2 – 500g courgette – hollow out to leave 10mm thickness.  A basic stuffing mix of 50g finely chopped onions, 50g chopped toms, fresh parsley, 100g uncooked basmati (washed) & 1tbs olive oil. Stuff to about ¾ full.  In a large pan: oil the base, layer 250g sliced toms, 1 crushed garlic, then the stuffed courgettes topped with 1tsp ground allspice, touch of salt, & 1tbs tom paste mixed with 500ml veg or chicken stock poured to cover.  Bring to the boil, then lower the heat and simmer for about 1 hour allowing the sauce to reduce.

Vary the stuffing with minced meat, mint, coriander, cumin… serve with yogurt

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