Chilli Roxi

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Roxi straddles the mild to medium heat range (2500-8000SHU) making it a snackable choice (sandwiches, salads or on its own).  Windowsill friendly size plants (height 20-25cm) produce lots of little cone shaped chillies.      Price for 10 seeds


SOW: from February to May, indoors in a warm soil in trays or modules barely covering the seeds as they need light to germinate (can take 10-21 days, warmth at 21C can help).  Water the soil, not the foliage, too much moisture will rot the seed & seedlings.  When they reach the 2/3 leaf stage (at around 10cm tall) they can be potted up. Wait until June before moving plants outside (harden off first) where they will flourish in a sunny, sheltered position on a south facing wall, in fertile, well-drained soil or grow bag or grow them in the greenhouse 


GROW: chilli plants are self-fertile and generally pollinate themselves you can help them particularly if they are inside (use a paintbrush to gently sweep the inside of the flowers, going from one flower to the next, transferring the pollen).  Water well and allow the surface to dry between times. After the first flowers appear, feed every week alternating between liquid seaweed & a weak tomato feed


ENJOY: your plants will have fruit at all different stages of ripeness, hence all the different colours, the mildest being green through to the hottest red ones.  You can pick them at any stage but once red don’t leave them on the plants as this will slow down the production of more fruits.  

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