Chilli Rosso Guardia Cielo


‘Sky Watcher’ perfectly describes the way the little fruits of Rosso Guardia Cielo reach skywards, small and pointed they gradually turn scarlet when fully ripe. The plant itself is small, growing to just 20-30cm, perfect for pots. Slice and dice the chillies for a sharp and spicy zing, they register at 2500 to 5000 on the Scoville heat scale. Price for 10 seeds

SOW: from mid-April to end of May, indoors in a warm soil in trays or modules barely covering the seeds as they need light to germinate.

GROW: when they reach the 2/3 leaf stage they can be planted into a greenhouse or hardened off and put outside in a warm sheltered spot.  The plant is small, growing to just 20-30cm, making it a perfect choice for pots or you can grow them in the soil or in a grow bag. They will continue to produce chillies until the frosts

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