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Look out for dozens of new choices amongst our range of more than 1100 varieties of vegetables, herbs, flowers and green manures.  All are packed in sensible quantities for garden growers.  With more than half of our range costing just 50p per packet, monthly special offers and lots of growing information and ideas for eating, you have found the best place for affordable high quality seeds to sow, grow, eat and enjoy.



                           Great Spring Offers for this Month Only.   






           courgette_prolific_straightneck  Spring_Onion_white_lisbon_2   sweet_corn_golden_phoenix

April can be overwhelming with so many veggies to choose between:  here are 5 tasty picks from our range that will give you lots of goodies to look forward to

One packet each of:

Courgette Prolific Striaghtneck

Kale Premier

Rocket Dentellata

Spring Onion White Lisbon

Sweetcorn Golden Phoenix


                                        Full price £3.00         Our special price of £2.25 saves you 25% 


  cabbage_april  Cabbage_Derby_Day  Cabbage_Late_Flat_Dutch      

This trio won’t swamp you, simply sow all of these now and your harvest is naturally spread out giving you plenty of cabbages to enjoy over 6 months

One packet each of:

April – ready Aug, Sept, Oct

Derby Day – end of June to August

Late Flat Dutch – Sept to November

Full price £1.75     with 25% off: all yours for just £1.30




 pumpkin_jack_be_little  Pumpkin_Baby_Bear  pumpkin_hooligan

These little pumpkins are delightful.  Jack-be-Little is the largest at just 500g so you are looking at lots of flavour in a little package! Just take one pumpkin, slice off the top, scoop out the seeds, rest the top back on, microwave (about 4 minutes), & serve.  You can stuff them with veggies, rice or mince.  Simple, quick and tasty.

One packet each of:

Baby Bear

Hooligan F1



         Full price £1.75     with 25% off: all yours for just £1.30




 melon_minnesota_midget  melon_canary_yellow  melon_delicious


Go fruity with our melon trio.  They do need some TLC but the rewards are tremendous: try these 3 delicious varieties for a fruity plot and plate!

One packet each of:

Canary Yellow


Minnesota Midget



    Full price £1.50  save 25% and have a go for just £1.10



                                                            Stop Press....................

                              Tall Pea Alderman NOW IN STOCK!





    Fantastic Choices in Both Popular and Unusual Varieties

Tomato salad vegetable seeds section      carrot vegetable seeds section        chilli vegetable seeds section

Tomatoes 60 TastyChoices          Carrots 40+ Tasty Choices               Chilli 28 Tasty Choices


 beans unusual section herb seeds selection flower seeds selection

 Unusual Beans and pods             Huge Herb Section with 80+       Fantastic Range of 140+ Flower Choices 






A little of what our customers say.....

 " I was amazed to receive my seeds today, having only ordered them yesterday afternoon, that is very impressive. Nice clear instructions too, will definitely recommend you to others and order more from you in the future, it's great to just be able to order small amounts at such good prices. Keep up the good work! " Debbie D, Lacashire

 "Just sent you this year's order, and wanted to say how great last year's seeds were. The lettuces in particular and the squash collection was brilliant. More Veg is such a great company - wishing you all the very best for this season." Heidi T, Norfolk   










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In this case the name really does say it all: this lettuce is super, it is red and it is a romaine!  The long spoon shaped leaves, turning to ruby with green veins, grow into a loose conical shape that can be 25-30cm tall.  This is an incredible edible with flavour, crunch and colour.

Price for 75 seeds.

£0.50 / set(s) *

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Cauliflower Feature

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