February Special Offers

February Special Offers

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Should your garden be under snow or frozen then these can wait a little longer before sowing (buy them now while the offer is on!), otherwise these are ready to sow this February and will get your garden growing


Brussels Sprouts Early Half Tall  •    Calabrese Kabuki

Celeriac Giant Prague   •    Onion Tosca

Rhubarb Glaskins Perpetual


Full price £3.00              SAVE 25% this February:  £2.25

Price for individual packets   £3.00
£2.25 *

In stock

Get out your cloches, warm up the soil and away you go… an early sowing this month can give you gorgeous fresh carrots from your garden from May.  Scrummy!


Bambino   •    Paris Market Atlas •    Romance F1


Full price £1.50        enjoy 25% off this February £1.10

Price for individual packets   £1.50
£1.10 *

Still in stock

This is the unrivalled favourite veg for winter meals even if there is divided opinions about the best way to serve them (roasted, mashed or soup).  There is no doubt that fresh from your garden is the best way to enjoy these British Bred and heirloom varieties and that this is the perfect moment to grab a bargain

Albion F1     •    Guernsey     •   Tender & True

Full price £1.75       a tasty bargain, 25% off, just  £1.30

Price for individual packets   £1.75
£1.30 *

In stock

An early start will reward you with lovely fresh varieties in April, May and June.  You can spread out your wonderful crops even more by sowing some of each variety this February and waiting 6-8 weeks before sowing the rest of the seeds which will be ready to crop in July and August


Earliest Of All   •    Early Jersey Wakefield  •    Red Express

Full price £1.50      February saving, 3 for 2, only  £1.00

Price for individual packets   £1.50
£1.00 *

In stock

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