October Special Offers

October Special Offers

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This offer features five fabulous veggies that you can sow this month.  Keep those veggies coming in from your plot to enjoy on your plate over the winter and into the spring


Carrot Rocket F1

Collard Champion

Lettuce Valdor

Pea Douce Provence

Rocket Rucola


Full price £2.50       Five tasty choices saving 25% £1.85

Price for individual packets   £2.50
£1.85 *

In stock

Reliable, consistent, colourful, perfect for pollinators, edible and easy to grow: calendulas really tick every box a gardener could wish for!  Sow these next year for a floriferous display


Oopsy Daisy – cream and lemony gold bicolour blooms

Touch of Red – each petal tipped with shades of bronze-red

Wintersun – cheery winter colour September to March


Full price £2.25         Enjoy months of flowers for £1.65

Price for individual packets   £2.25
£1.65 *

In stock

These four choice varieties have joined our range after extensive taste testing – take the first opportunity to try them yourselves and save some of your hard earned money at the same time!


Brussel Sprout Medio Enane De La Halle

Chicory Grumola Verde

Chinese Amaranth Passion

Spring Onion Darcy F1



Full price £2.25     with 25% off: all yours for just £1.65

Price for individual packets   £2.25
£1.65 *

In stock

Fresh is best and this trio will stand up to the worst of what the weather might throw at them.  They are great for you, packed full of flavour and nutrients, and can be harvested right through to next spring


Banjo F1 • Giant Winter • Matador



Full price £1.50                             3 for 2, enjoy for £1.00

Price for individual packets   £1.50
£1.00 *

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