June Special Offers

June Special Offers

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Mild weather, warm moist soil and long days will see these crops growing well and giving you fab flavours through the summer and onwards.  Don’t miss the June boat: buy, sow and grow these delicious six now.

Cabbage Golden Acre  •    Carrot Royal Chantennay

Courgette All Green Bush     •     Leek Blue Solaise

Swede Marian      •     Sweetcorn Lark


Full price £3.75             save more than 25% & feast for £2.75

Price for individual packets   £3.75
£2.75 *

In stock


It is time for lovely cos lettuces to shine: sweet and crisp and begging to be cut and popped onto your plate.  From fresh bright greens to olives and radiant shades of mahogany and red these little lettuces will be indispensable this summer


Little Leprechaun     •    Lobjoits    •     Parris Island


Full price £1.50        enjoy 3 varieties for the price of 2  £1.00

Price for individual packets   £1.50
£1.00 *

In stock

Did you know that every part is edible – the leaves and the stems as well as the heads?  Even if you just enjoy the cooked heads these are 3 tasty choices that will give and give later in the summer and into the autumn.  If you don’t want to drown this with gravy try a sprinkle of lemon juice and serve with chicken or toss with bacon bits, toasted pine nuts and pasta.


Amadeus F1     •    Belstar F1    •     Miranda


Full price £2.30             our best price with 25% off just  £1.70

Price for individual packets   £2.30
£1.70 *

In stock

Yippee!  At last it is the start of the oriental season and a new world of varieties and flavours can be yours – this is a lovely selection of fast and delicious veggies that you can use for salads or cooking


Chinese Cabbage – Wong Bok

Mustard Leaf – Red Zest


Pak Choi – Tatsoi Rosette


Full price £2.00                a summer saving of 25%, only £1.50

Price for individual packets   £2.00
£1.50 *

In stock

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