Swede Gowrie

Swede Gowrie

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SWEDE GOWRIE ~ perfect for hearty meals or grow this for the tops & treat as a cut-&-come-again for winter greens 60 seeds SOW: from April to June, when the soil has warmed a little. Prepare their position by raking to a fine consistency and remember to sow very thinly at 2-3cm – their final spacing needs to be about 10cm apart. GROW: keep weeded and water in dry weather otherwise they will not thrive, thin them out if necessary. EAT: Gowrie is ready to harvest from mid-October to late January. We like to lift swedes by the time they are grapefruit sized. Roast, steam, mash or chunk into stew for hearty meals For greens cut leaves when 10-15cm high and leave to resprout, cut frequently. Cook as you would cabbage or fry with onions and bacon.

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