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The Exemplary Raf Tomato
from on 01/08/2021
I have grown Raf tomatoes this year (2021). The seeds were purchased on the MoreVeg website. The plants have grown well in my greenhouse and the muscle bound fruit look wonderful. The taste brought body and soul together in perfect harmony! I will be growing Raf tomatoes every year from now on. Top marks!
Great. We are back for more
from on 16/02/2019
Disclaimer: We have a greenhouse that gets lots of shade, and I am non too fit, so gardening is sometimes erratic...
Raf grew well, and when it started producing fruit (somewhat slowly - see disclaimer) the fruits were superb. They ripened slowly. The flavour was superb. There were lots of green tomatoes on the plants when frosts started. We brought them into the kitchen and they ripened. We had the last one at Christmas.

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