Tomato Quadro naturally nurtured seed

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Stayed blight free for a long time
from on 29/10/2016
Ok, so blight was once again rife on our allotments so i grew these as an experiment alongside a few other blight tolerant varieties. Yes, Quadro did eventually show signs of blight on stems and leaves by mid September but the fruit was mostly ok, I didn't have to throw much away. Interestingly the one Quadro plant I grew surrounded by comfrey plants in one corner did not get blight at all. Did the comfrey protect it? Most allotmenters lost the majority of their tomatoes so I was quite pleased that quadro did not succumb until late and I had a good crop.They stayed blight free longer than Legend but not quite as long as Mountain Magic which has no blight whatsoever... (but were slightly bland tomatoes). Quadro tasted much nicer.

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