Tomato Kellogg’s Breakfast naturally nurtured seeds

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Kellogg’s Breakfast is simply spectacular in every way – flavour, colour, size. Nothing to do with breakfast cereal but try some grilled slices to take your own breakfast to a new level. This is a sweet and tangy heirloom, the ripest fruit deepen to a classic carrot colour.  They will need supporting as they grow in the 400g direction (can be more), definitely one to make space for.  Indeterminate

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Did you know…

Will Keith Kellogg was the breakfast cereal developer of fame.

Darrell Kellogg was a railroad supervisor from Michigan who liked gardening. Like many heirlooms the exact origins of this variety are not pin-pointed exactly.  Darrel either found the variety growing or was given it by a fellow gardener.  It is known that he liked it and kept saving the seed and growing it and the plants were stable (with little variation).  Darrel Kellogg named the tomato* and eventually gave seeds to Bill Minkey who then introduced the seeds to the seed savers exchange in 1993.  From there the tomato has become quite popular among fans of tasty heirloom varieties – it being recognised as a distinctive stable previously undocumented variety that was preserved by an individual giving it heirloom status.


*The “breakfast” part of the name is said to be inspired by the bold orange colour of the inside of the tomato that is reminiscent of orange juice. Perhaps if you accidently singe a slice under the grill it will remind you of sunrise on a cloudy day – but that would make the name too long!

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