Tomato Green Zebra

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Green Zebra is already considered a classic amongst enthusiasts, with its characteristic dark green and yellowy stripes and simultaneous sweet and tangy taste this is one to try. Indeterminate.                                                       Price for 12 seeds


Some tips to help you choose when to pick your Green Zebra toms


You can grasp the tomato gently, feeling for firmness and a slight “give,” much like when a red tomato is ready to pick.


Look for the Zebra’s light green stripes to turn yellower


Look for bottom of the yellow stripes to begin to show a blush colour


If you prefer a tarter flavour, pick Green Zebras sooner. Leave Zebras on the vine if you want them to be sweeter.  Over time you will work out your favourite flavour moment to pick them at, be careful not to leave them for too long

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