Tomato Glacier

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Glacier is ideal for early sowing (January/February) and planting out under cloches to encourage flower formation, followed by one of the earliest picks of the season outdoors.  Glacier continues to bear fruit for the entire season and may well give you the last picking of the year too!  This outstanding performance is matched with sweet flavoured medium sized fruits. Plants grow to about 150cm, known as a semi-bush.  Allow 50-60cm between plants.  Semi-indeterminate   Price for 12 seeds


SOW: for an early crop sow in January-March with warmth, seed depth 5mm.  you can also sow in April/May.  Transplant when large enough to handle and pot on.

For the earliest crops plant out under cloches mid-late April and protect from late frosts by covering the cloches at night.  If you feel this is too risky grow in a green house or harden off and plant outside after frost danger has passed


GROW: Glacier, a semi-determinate variety, grows to about 150cm, it needs staking but will continue to fruit to the end of the season.  It may even survive the first frosts of autumn


EAT:  sweet flavoured medium sized fruits for salads, slicing and cooking as well.

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