Tomato Buffalosun F1

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Oh wow, unique yellow fruits with red/orange flame colouration on the outside giving a marvellous marbled interior with those same flames shooting through.  Buffalosun F1 is a BLIGHT RESISTANT beefsteak ideal for growing in the open or undercover in the UK with the bonus of heirloom-like and flavour.  Indeterminate

Price for 6 seeds


SOW: can be sown from January to April, seed depth 5mm (early sowings like 18-21°C in a propagator or put on a windowsill).  Transplant when large enough to handle and pot on.  For outdoor growing harden off and plant after frost danger has passed.


GROW: plant in the greenhouse or in a sunny sheltered part of your garden.  For the best flavour keep soil evenly damp and don’t overfeed.  For the best crop pinch out the side shoots and grow as a cordon with support.  If outside nip out the growing tip when 4 or 5 trusses have set


EAT:   sweet & tender flesh, fruits can weigh 250-350g in size but can reach up to 750g.  Ideal for slicing and grilling 

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