Swede Lomond naturally nurtured seed

Swede Lomond naturally nurtured seed

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SWEDE LOMOND ~ this Scottish bred swede is as hardy as can be and club root resistant too 60 seeds SOW: from April to June. Prepare their position by raking to a fine consistency and remember to sow very thinly – their final spacing needs to be about 10cm apart. GROW: keep weeded and water in dry weather otherwise they will not thrive, thin them out if necessary. With successional sowing you can have crops in time for Christmas and in to the new year. EAT: smaller Swedes are more tasty and succulent, lift by the time they are grapefruit sized. Slice or cube and roast like parsnips or add to stews and casseroles. We also like them mashed – peel before cooking.

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