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Join the swede renaissance with Invitation.  This is a grower friendly variety with yellow flesh and a purple top.  It has large leaves which help keep down any weeds around it!  Perhaps its most important virtue, apart from its excellent taste, is that it is club root & powdery mildew resistant.      

Price for 60 seeds


SOW: from May to July.  Prepare their position by raking to a fine consistency and remember to sow very thinly – their final spacing needs to be about 15cm apart.


GROW: to help them thrive water in dry weather and keep them weeded – Invitation grows large leaves which will help suppress weeds too. Thin them out if necessary.  First picking from October, main harvest December to March


EAT:  slice or cube and roast like parsnips or add to stews and casseroles.  We also like them mashed – peel before cooking.  To freeze: peel, dice, blanch for 2 minutes, drain and dry and pack into portions.  Boil from frozen for 6-8 minutes.

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