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Difficult to get started
from on 24/07/2023
I only managed to get one seed to grow properly and end up being large enough to transplant outside. Not sure what went wrong, as everything else germinated well and I've been successful in previous years. Although I was never going to get a crop from one sweetcorn plant, I have grown it anyway and so far it is looking very healthy. But I had to go out and buy some sweetcorn seedlings from my local nursery to ensure I had something to harvest!
from on 15/09/2022
Dry summer, and the SC suffered, but this is the most reliable variety I've found. Cropped well, germination (as usual with MoreVeg seeds) was very good. Despite the summer, still have a good pile of cobs in the freezer.
from on 21/11/2018
So pleased you are stocking this now - I get it every year - and it is important to get it fresh each yea - old seed never seems to germinate. This year (while not so good for quite a few things I grew) was fantastic for the sweetcorn. My cobs were huge too big for my pans - so I ate the end of the cob raw, cut it off and cooked the rest - love it

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