Sweet Corn Golden Lion F1

Sweet Corn Golden Lion F1

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SWEETCORN GOLDEN LION F1 ~ richly coloured kernels, up to 20 rows, fill each large supersweet cob 20 seeds SOW: inside from mid April to early May in deep pots, or from May to June outside GROW: harden off when about 15cm tall and after frost danger has passed. Plant them in a block with the plants and rows about 30-50 cm apart. Sweetcorn is wind pollinated. You can encourage pollination of the silks, female flowers, by tapping the tassels or male flowers. This helps the pollen to fall and pollinate the flowers to produce the cobs. EAT: Cobs are ready to harvest when the juice from a kernel is ‘milky’. Cobs are always at their very best when cooked as soon as possible after picking – just pop into a pan of boiling water, simply delicious.

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