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Give it space for a bumper harvest
from on 15/09/2015
I planted this at the edge of my plot and quite quickly it shot off across the path and in among the other squashes, so it was quite hard to keep track of where it started and finished. Sown direct in early June, by August the vines were about 3m long and I counted three promising looking squashes on it. Of these, one has grown to just over 2 feet long and a foot wide, two of them are much smaller, but still a foot long each (about 6 inches across). Then, in September as I was cutting back the jungle of other pumpkins, I discovered another 2 foot whopper which had been growing surreptitiously under the leaves of a neighbouring plant. So from one seed just poked into the ground with no particular care, I had two huge squashes and two smaller ones. In a burst of enthusiasm back in June, I had also planted dwarf borlotti beans in among the sprawl of vines and these thrived harmoniously with the squashes - my only problem was the daily challenge of treading gingerly through the vines to pick the beans. Definitely recommended if you have the space and want to grow a showstopper.

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