Spring Onion Winter Hardy White Lisbon

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The same great taste as White Lisbon but this AGM winning selection has particular winter hardiness (hence the name) that allows sowing in September and October for a crop of Spring Onions at their peak in March and April.                                                      

Price for 100 seeds. 


SOW: can be started in late August, September or October    Sow sparingly to minimise thinning and no deeper than 1cm in an open site.   


GROW:  in cooler parts of the UK you may need cloches while they get going but once settled they are very hardy.   If you are likely to get snow in early spring do mark their location so you can find them!


EAT: pull as needed to enjoy Spring Onions in the spring.  At this time of year we tend to use them in stir fries or braise them whole as it is a bit chilly for lots of salad!

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