Spinach Clarinet F1

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Clarinet F1 is a flavoursome British bred variety that’s fast growing with exceptional resistance to bolting, it’s tasty too: not that we are blowing any trumpets here (it is called Clarinet after all), but it is great and over a long season too.  Can be grown from spring onwards with October-December sowing under glass. 50 Seeds.


SOW: from March to September, and then under glass in October to December (seed depth 15mm). 



In hotter weather sow spinach in pots in cool shade as heat can lower germination: we find that full shade or indoors on a north window sill are good places to try.



GROW & EAT: in colder weather grow under cloches or glass at all other times plant in the open.  They like a rich soil with plenty of added compost.  Space plants from 15 to 40cm apart (it depends on how large you want them) & harvest when the leaves reach the size you prefer, we normally start about 6 weeks from planting out. Pick the leaves or pull up the whole plant & replace with a later transplant or leave larger gaps between remaining plants. Enjoy in salads or cooked.

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