Rocket Wasabi

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Wasabi rocket has a distinctive kick with the unique fiery heat of the Japanese wasabi root.  Add heat to your salads and sandwiches, scatter for a spicy pizza top or make your own sushi.  Start harvesting your own hot leaves in just 5 weeks or sooner if you just can’t wait.  You can even grow on your windowsill – no need for compost!


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No need for compost… you can sprout wasabi rocket in the same way as common cress: on damp cotton wool in a small tub on the window sill, trim with scissors.  These littles seedlings will not be as spicy as those you grow on for several weeks which in turn will not be as hot as mature leaves.  By experimenting you will discover your favourite size and time to pick.


Your earliest sowings can be in containers in a cold glasshouse from February.  If you are short of space during the year just sow the seeds thinly into containers and pop in a sunny spot. These plants are shallow rooted so remember to cut the leaves rather than pull them off.  Sow a new patch of rocket every few weeks to keep yourself supplied all through the season.

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