Rhubarb Champagne

Rhubarb Champagne

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A much sought after old variety that is ideal for forcing to give you tender, slender pink stems from March.  Unforced plants give you deeper red stems from May.  This variety is noted for its sweet flavour, it is also very reliable.  Sow in spring or autumn.                                                         

Price for 20 seeds. 

SOW: the seeds in spring or autumn, one or two seeds in each small pot.  Pot on into individual medium sized pots when large enough to handle.


GROW: spring sown plants can be transplanted when 10cm tall, autumn sown plants can be planted as the weather warms up in April/May.  Give them space: 75cm apart.  Nurture them – keep them well watered and mulch to retain moisture.  Remove flower stalks & don’t be tempted to eat any yet!  Wait until the plants are big and strong enough before carefully picking a few stems from each next year.  Forced stems ready from March otherwise May.

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