Radish Saxa naturally nurtured seed

Radish Saxa naturally nurtured seed

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RADISH SAXA ~ mild and sweet flavoured AGM winner. 100 seeds SOW: February and March under cover in a greenhouse or coldframe. From April through to late August/early September sow the seeds in situ in a 1cm deep drill and aiming for about 2cm spacing. To spread out your harvest sow the seed every 2 weeks or so. GROW: They like to be moist but not waterlogged. Saxa will be ready to harvest in a little over 4 weeks from sowing. Pull alternate radishes to widen the spacing so that the rest have a little more room until you need them too. EAT: enjoy them fresh with salads. A good choice for the earliest radishes of the year but just as nice when grown in the summer and autumn!

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