Parsnip Palace F1

Parsnip Palace F1

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PARSNIP PALACE F1 ~ a vigorous grower with smooth wedge shaped roots featuring great flavour & consistent quality 60 seeds SOW: Parsnips are renowned for erratic and slow germination in wet &/or cold conditions. Try warming the soil under cloches for 2/3 weeks before sowing later in mid/late spring. Alternatively sprout the seeds on damp kitchen towel on a window sill and plant out as soon as they germinate (before they root into the towel). GROW: Water during a dry summer. We lift as we need them but if the ground is likely to freeze then lift early or cover with fleece or straw. EAT: Palace can be harvested at any time from mid-September to early April. We think they are at their best roasted. Store in a poly bag in the fridge & they will keep up to 2 weeks. To Freeze – wash & peel then cube roots, blanch for 5 minutes, plunge into cold water and drain.

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