Pumpkin Orange Smoothie F1

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Garden pumpkins do not come better behaved than this: Orange Smoothie has a compact semi bush habit with perfect smooth globe fruit that are a very manageable 2-3.5kg.  It is also relatively quick for a pumpkin and can be harvested in September.      Price for 3 seeds. 

SOW & GROW: in individual pots inside during April or May.  You can keep them on a window sill until sprouted then pop into a coldframe or unheated greenhouse. Keep moist and warm, ready to harden off and plant out when at 2/3 leaf stage.  Dig in plenty of compost as they are hungry plants.  Orange Smoothie, being a semi bush, is also suitable for large patio pots.   Relatively quick – can be harvested in September. Cut leaving a ‘handle’ of stem for each fruit then  allow the fruits to harden for 10-14 days (protect from frost and wet)

EAT:  these are a favourite choice for carving but they are also perfect for eating and a size that won’t overwhelm you

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