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Tiny, adorable pumpkins - needs quite a bit of space
from on 13/09/2015
I grew this up a trellis on my allotment (well, that was the plan!), but it also managed to sprawl determindly along the ground underneath the trellis, wrapping tendrils around everything and throttling a courgette plant 5 feet away. For quite an expansive plant (which grew rampantly all over everything), it eventually produced just 5 tiny, cute pumpkins (each about 3 inches across). So, it was fun to grow - and ideal if you want something that climbs and sprawls over an arch or trellis. Other plot holders thought it was delightful, and made comments throughout the year about how they were looking forward to seeing all the enormous pumpkins it eventually produced - so the resulting handful of teeny fruits has been a great source of humour and enjoyment. I would grow it again, just for fun.

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