Pepper Nocera Giallo

Pepper Nocera Giallo

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PEPPER NOCERA GIALLO ~ rarely offered Italian regional speciality produces large, slightly tapered, blocky fruits 10 seeds SOW: start by sowing indoors or under glass in March/April. Nocera Giallo does best grown with the protection and extra warmth a greenhouse or conservatory provides. GROW: You can fit three plants in a grow bag, they will also grow in containers or in the greenhouse soil. Harvest when they ripen to yellow later in August onwards. Peppers can continue growing into the autumn, protect with fleece if frost is likely. EAT: although these fruits can reach 10x14cm in size they are often a little smaller when grown in Britain however they do ripen to a sweet and mellow flavour. Stuff, slice for salads, grill or roast

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