Pepper Bellboy F1

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Bellboy F1 produces plenty of good shaped green bell peppers over a long period with a mild sweet flavour.  You will get more peppers from Bellboy if you harvest when green – it takes another 20 days for them to turn red!  They are thick walled and suitable for salads, grilling, frying, roasting and stuffing.  Price for 10 seeds



If your first pepper is about 5cm long and just hangs around without any friends then pick it:  this should stimulate your plant to produce more.  Do not feed your plant until it has 2 or 3 peppers growing at the same time


Did you know

Peppers can suffer from cold feet so in the UK they are best grown in grow bags, pots or containers because they will be warmer than the ground.  Bellboy is happy in a sunny and sheltered part of your garden or in an unheated greenhouse or polytunnel.

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