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Onward is the AGM winning main crop cousin to Early Onward, taking about 10 days longer to start cropping. It has plump, blunt ended pods which are produced in pairs and contain large peas with a super flavour. The plant itself can grow to a height of 60-75cm    


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SOW:  in March to May however sowing in June and July can also give you a successful crop: in mild areas a sowing in July can extend your harvest into October.  We start all our peas in pots (2-3 seeds in each).  You can sow peas in situ but wait until the soil has started to warm up.   Sowing every 4-5 weeks will give you fresh peas over the whole season.


GROW: pot sown plants need to be hardened off before planting out.  Space pot clumps 15-20cm apart and individual peas 10cm apart.  Onward grows 60-75cm tall and needs some supporting.  All peas will tolerate light shade & like moisture so water in dry summers.  Pick 2-3 times a week to encourage more growth.


EAT: this old-fashioned pea is sweetest when picked and cooked within 30 minutes of harvest, before the sugar has turned to starch.  For marrowfat peas (best for cooking mushy peas) allow the starch to develop more by letting the pods dry a little on the plant before picking, this will also give you a smaller crop.

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