Pea Mangetout: Sweet Horizon

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PEA SWEET HORIZON 50 seeds SOW: from March to June. We start our peas 3 per pot to give them a fighting chance against the mice. Sowing in guttering to be slid into place has become popular. They can also be sown in situ. GROW: If pot sown harden off before planting out. Peas like moisture and will tolerate light shade. Water in dry summers. Pick regularly to encourage more growth. Being vigorous, Sweet Horizon will need support. EAT: pick them while still flat, before they begin to swell and loose the sweetness: Sweet Horizon can produce large pods which can be sliced before cooking. We prefer to eat mangetout fresh although you can freeze them very successfully. Be warned, as with other mangetout, once it starts to crop you will need to pick every day – the pods grow overnight and like to hide amongst the foliage!

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