Oriental Shungiku Salad

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The sweet flavour makes this perfect for adding to salads: perhaps think of it as somewhere halfway between a vegetable and a fresh herb. They have a slightly succulent texture and mix well with other greens and they go particularly well with tomatoes: very popular here in salad with spaghetti bolognaise, lasagne and other rich flavoured meals.  Price for 50 seeds.

SOW & GROW: at almost any time of the year.

From autumn to early spring they will appreciate some protection (they don’t like prolonged rain) and from mid-spring to early autumn sow & grow them outdoors.

For cut-and-come-again plants may be spaced close together and can be cut after 4-5 weeks. They will resprout several times over a couple of months and can be kept trimmed to make a neat edge to a path or veg bed or grown in containers.

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