Oriental Pak Choi Yuushou F1

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With beautiful pale green leaf stalks topped by emerald green leaves with pale veins: excellent quality, tender and well flavoured. One of the hardiest Pak Choi varieties making it a perfect choice for those living in colder areas or for autumn sowing to over-winter. Price for 50 seeds

SOW: From August to November to overwinter or in spring. You can start the seeds in modules and plant out when young, or sow in situ and use the thinnings in salads or replant them in cooler weather.

GROW: space 20-25cm apart. Yuushou copes well with temperatures down to minus 7 or so but if a prolonged very cold spell is forecast then be kind and give them a bit of protection and keep them picked as a cut-&-come-again.

EAT: The leaves, stems and flowering shoots can be eaten raw or cooked at any stage in their growth from seedling to mature plant. Chop the stems and add them to the pan first as the leaves cook more quickly.

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