Oriental Pak Choi Tatsoi Rosette naturally nurtured seed

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Leaves are glossy, broad, smooth, bright green and tasty: one plant but two growth habits.  Warmer weather sees upright growth but cooler weather is when this lovely plant hugs the ground and forms the flat rosettes that give it its name.  Price for 50 seeds.

SOW & GROW: from June to September. Traditionally sown after the longest day Tatsoi Rosette is happy growing in warmer weather when its tightly packed leaves grow fairly upright.  It is cooler weather that the rosettes of its name from when the plant hugs the ground.  The last sowing can be 6 weeks before frosts are expected.  You can sow in modules & plant out when young, or sow in situ & use the thinnings in salads or replant in cooler weather: space plants 20cm apart.  Protect transplants from poor autumn weather with cloches.

EAT: let your Tatsoi shine in a simple salad with spring onions, chives and a vinaigrette dressing.  The leaves, stems and flowering shoots can also be cooked. 

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