Oriental Pak Choi Golden Yellow F1

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With a white stem and bright leaf this Pak Choi adds a splash of colour and a delicate taste to salads and can be picked from 25 days.  This variety can be grown throughout the summer.  Larger plants are lovely in stir fry and can also be added to many cooked veg dishes.  Price for 50 seeds 


SOW: May to August; September sowings will need protection as the weather cools. If you plan to pick just baby leaves then sow in situ otherwise start in modules and plant out 10-25cm apart.

GROW: keep the roots moist as drought can trigger flowering. The colour, habit (fan shaped) and softer leaves all help make Golden Yellow a distinctive variety with a great taste – one to find room for. 

EAT: the large rounded golden yellow leaves, with or without their white stems, add colour and a delicate flavour to salads and can be picked 25 days from sowing.  Grow on longer for larger leaves to cook with in stir fry or other veg dishes.

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