Oriental Choy Sum Fuubi

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A gorgeous variety with tasty deep green leaves and white stems. Strong growing Fuubi can reach 30cm and holds well for continued picking. It is slow to form its edible white flowers, when they appear you are in for a tasty treat. Price for 50 seeds .

SOW: in our climate it is best to sow Choy Sum after the longest day, July and August (September in mild areas or for covered crops) is ideal. It can be started in modules or pots for transplanting or sown in situ.

GROW: space at 30-35cm for larger plants, or plant closer where space is at a premium. Fuubi is strong growing – the leaves are normally ready to pick in about 8 weeks.  The flowers are slower to form so you can keep cutting shoots when 10-15cm long, before the buds open. They will produce more shoots over several weeks or months.

EAT: you can eat these raw in salads or lightly cooked to retain flavour.  We find that steaming is a good way of cooking them or adding to a stir fry or risotto.

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