Oriental Namenia

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This useful and versatile vegetable is rarely offered for sale and yet can be a very unusual tasty addition to your salads, very useful early in the season. It forms rosettes of lobed leaves with a mildly tangy flavour. Versatile for use in salads or your cooking.  Price for 50 seeds.

SOW: from March to July in situ outside or in an unheated greenhouse.  Grow under glass for a winter crop from later sowings in August to October (November in milder areas) 

GROW: can be harvested as a cut and come again, or at any stage from small to large.  Cut small for salad use or grow on for stir fry ingredients.

EAT: enjoy this versatile crop with a main harvest from May through to the end of October and again through the winter from your greenhouse crop.  We particularly love them in salads You can also cook these as spring greens

We are always trialling our varieties for garden growing and so we have updated our sowing dates for Namenia and your packet may not have the August to October information yet

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