Oriental Mustard Leaf Red Frills

Oriental Mustard Leaf Red Frills

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MUSTARD LEAF RED FRILLS ~ the deeply cut leaves are frond-like and give your meals a boost of colour, flavour and visual impact 50 seeds.

SOW: between April and August. Starting the seeds in modules enables you to transplant at the 2/3 leaf stage.

GROW: it just grows! Space at 10-30cm depending on the size of plant you want. Plant closer together for cut-&-come-again cropping , it will resprout several times. Keep watered in very dry weather, ready to harvest after 8-7 weeks.

EAT: mild when young, larger leaves get progressively spicier and are super wilted or stir fried. They go very well with red meat (such as beef) and also sausages.

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