Oriental Mustard Leaf Red Dragon F1

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Great taste, texture and colour.  From bright green stems the young leaves grow into a lobed broad leaf (reminiscent of an oak leaf) with the colour developing into a purple green variegation with purple veins throughout.  Price for 50 seeds. 

SOW:  from February right through to October.  Starting the seeds in modules enables you to transplant at the 2/3 leaf stage. 

GROW:  space at 10cm for little leaves but this plant can grow larger & you will need to give it at least 25cm spacing to do this.  Keep watered in very dry weather.  Overwinter under cloches, in a cold frame or unheated greenhouse and enjoy fresh Red Dragon leaves on into in the spring.

EAT: try these in salads, cook with them or even pickled or fermented.  Young leaves are milder but mature leaves are less pungent when cooked. Flowering shoots can be cut & cooked as you would broccoli.

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