Oriental Mustard Leaf Garnet Giant

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Stunning dark purple leaves with bright green stem and rib: this fabulous rich colour appears very early on (well before cutting after just 21 days!). The mild flavoured leaves are broad and rounded with slightly serrated edges; they are a fabulous addition to any salad. Price for 50 seeds

SOW & GROW: best in spring and autumn, summer sowings outdoors are more prone to bolt so at this time of the year try them in a seed tray on a windowsill as a gorgeous living salad.  Sow individual seeds in small modules or a little seed in small pots and transplant as a bunch at the at the 2/3 leaf stage: for really good crops in winter transplant under the cover of cloches.  These are also a good choice for growing in a polytunnel or unheated greenhouse.  And if they do bolt it isn’t a problem because the stems that it produces are tender and sweet and perfect for stir fry!

EAT: a milder flavoured leaf, particularly when young, that is superb in salad.  As I have said above a stir fry is great way to use any stems should your plants bolt.  The tangier flavoured larger leaves become milder when cooked - lovely

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