Oriental Choy Sum Purple Choi


Both a delicious and handsome variety with purple ribbed stems and leaves. This is a hardy plant that can be harvested right into December. It produces masses of flowering stems: the flowers, leaves and stems are delightful lightly cooked.  More mature plants will gradually develop a spicy kick with an underlying sweetness.

SOW: in our climate it is best to sow Choy Sum after the longest day. Purple Choi is hardy and can be sown through to September and October.  These late sowings are best started in modules or pots for transplanting, use cloches to protect them in the autumn while they settle in.

GROW: aim to space at 20-30cm for larger plants, or plant closer where space is at a premium (plants will not grow as large when close together and you can harvest alternate ones giving space for the others to grow on).   Choy Sum is a fast crop: you can pick individual leaves & stems or a whole plant.  When the flowering shoots grow cut them when 10-15cm long, before the buds open.  They will produce more shoots over several weeks or months. 

EAT: very productive crop: the stems, leaves, shoots, flower buds and the flowers can all be eaten.  In the autumn and winter we prefer them cooked, you can steam, sauté or stir fry.


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