Oriental Choy Sum Gunsho

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A vigorous and productive variety forming tender & sweet flowering shoots. These are at their best cut just before the first buds open, about 11 weeks from sowing. Gunsho is happy growing in the British weather!  Price for 50 seeds

SOW: in our climate it is best to sow Choy Sum after the longest day, July and August (September in mild areas or for covered crops) is ideal. It can be started in modules or pots for transplanting or sown in situ.

GROW: Space at 30-35cm for larger plants, or plant closer where space is at a premium. Gunsho is vigorous and productive - the flowering shoots take about 11 weeks from sowing and should be cut just before the flower buds open. They will produce more shoots over several weeks or months.

EAT: you can steam, lightly boil or stir fry for a couple of minutes to cook them and don’t forget that you can add them raw to your salads so they are very versatile

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