Onion Valencia, Late

Onion Valencia, Late


ONION VALENCIA LATE ~ golden bronze Spanish onion with sweet white flesh within. Perfect for cooking 60 seeds SOW: in spring, sparingly 1cm deep in rows about 30cm apart, in situ but warm the soil first under cloches as cold soil upsets germination, thin when large enough to handle. You can also start in seed rays, pot into modules at the crookneck stage then harden off and plant out. GROW: space at 10-15cm apart. Keep well watered as the bulb swells. Can be pulled as a green onion or left to harvest from September onwards (about 4 months from sowing) EAT: green onions can be used for salads; mature onions are superb choice for cooking. They are not renowned keepers and so are probably best sliced or diced and popped in the freezer.

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