Onion Parma

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Parma – heirloom varieties (this one dates back to 1896) remain available because of their super qualities: storage (for months & months), flavour (sweet, mild with added complexity and pungency as stored) and reliability (an early spring planting will dependably yield chunky sized globe onions).  One to savour.


Price for 60 seeds


SOW: in spring in modules or in situ (but will need thinning) with seed depth 10mm.  Module sown seeds do not need pricking out unless you sow several seeds in each section. 


GROW: space at 15-20cm apart to allow room for the chunky bulbs to reach their potential. They prefer full sun, fertile soil and steady watering as the bulb swells.  You will know that they are ready as the foliage begins to keel over.


EAT: this variety, Parma, can be stored for months and months – the sweet & mild flavour matures into more complex tones and increases in pungency as time passes.

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