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Globo has a lovely mild flavour; tasty raw in salads or cooked.  Now, if you have a competitive streak, try an early protected sowing and possibly raise an onion weighing nearly a kilo. Globo doesn’t have to be this size – simply sow in February-April for a garden crop   Price for 60 seeds



     In December sow under glass in pots.  Sow seed on the surface of the seed compost and lightly cover with a sprinkling of vermiculite or compost, and place at a temperature of 14°C  Prick out and pot on in individual pots whilst keeping them at this temperature.  This early start ensures vigorous seedlings that will be itching to explode into growth the moment they are planted out into rich, fertile soil. Carefully harden off and plant them out once the soil has warmed up in mid to late spring.

     In very mild areas you can sow outside in the autumn and overwinter them, they will need almost the full year to reach their potential size.  This direct sowing means that there is no transplanting shock however you are gambling with the winter weather.

     For big bulbs you will need to leave a wider spacing then you would normally (40cm+).  Full sun and no competition from weeds will also keep your onions happy.

     Good Luck

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