Onion Dulce De Fuentes

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ONION DULCE DE FUENTES ~ large, sweet, succulent and smooth          60 seeds


SOW: start in March or April, sparingly 1cm deep in rows about 30cm apart, but warm the soil first under cloches as cold soil upsets germination, thin when large enough to handle.  Or, for an earlier start  (& larger onions) use trays or modules and sow late winter/early spring, prick out when large enough to handle.  Harden off and plant out mid to late spring.


GROW: space at 20cm apart.  Keep well-watered as the bulb swells. 


EAT: the sweetness on this variety allows you to caramelise without adding sugar (great for those who are watching their waistline), use for delicately flavoured dishes (fruity curry and vegetable ensembles) and perfect for salads.  They are reputed to be easily digestible.




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