Mizuna Waido (broadleaf)


An oriental wonder growing into a rosette of broad, dark, glossy green leaves. A very hardy plant, (both heat and cold tolerant) with a characteristic fresh peppery-cabbage flavour.  Price for 100 seeds

SOW: 3mm deep in modules from early to late summer for a late summer to winter crop. For a winter to spring crop sow late summer to early autumn and transplant to grow under cover.

GROW: transplant at the 2/3 leaf stage and space at 10cm for small plants or up to 30cm if you want to grow larger plants. Pick single leaves from about 6 weeks onwards. For cut-and-come-again use simply cut whole plant 5cm above ground – can resprout 4 or 5 times. Although hardy Waido does better in the UK with winter protection from prolonged rain or snow

EAT: for salad use whole young leaves or shred larger leaves. You can also steam, stir fry or use the leaves in soups.

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