Lettuce Trionfo d’autunno (Autumn Triumph)

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 Trionfo d’autunno (Autumn Triumph) gives you the large softer leaves of a butterhead along with a tight heart that is more Cos-like  And it can be sown in the spring or autumn with harvesting possible at any time from May to December – it has excellent cold resistance.  In the UK in wetter autumn periods it does an open ended cloche to act as an umbrella (or grow in a greenhouse or coldframe) will help.   Price for 75 seeds


SOW: a little seed 15mm deep every 2-3 weeks from February to April and again from August through to late October to enjoy a succession of lettuces from May to December.   You can start them in modules and transplant so that there is no need to thin. Trionfo d’autunnois reluctant to germinate in the warmer weather of summer


GROW: plant out when large enough to do so - for full hearts set out at about 25-35cm apart. Pick when the hearts have formed, these are compact yet largish.  They are slow to bolt so you shouldn’t need to worry about catching them at a particular moment just when they seem about ready


EAT: simply a great lettuce in salads and will extend your harvest into the late autumn and early winter.    

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