Lettuce Red Deer Tongue

Lettuce Red Deer Tongue

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LETTUCE RED DEER TONGUE ~ long pointed triangular leaves are edged with red, they are slightly crinkled and taste delicious. 75 seeds SOW: in spring and summer. For headed lettuces sow in modules to transplant, for cut-&-come-again use sow in situ quite thickly GROW: For cut-&-come-again you can take your first harvest when the plants are less than 10cm high in about a month from sowing. Red Deer Tongue will resprout for successive cropping. For heads transplant at about 15-20cm apart and cut when they fill their space. EAT: Heirloom flavour at its best. Red Deer Tongue was recorded as grown by pioneers in America: this rugged variety continues to produce lovely tender lettuces grown in places other lettuces just will not thrive.

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