Lettuce Red Oakleaf

Lettuce Red Oakleaf

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LETTUCE RED OAKLEAF ~ this popular heirloom matures to a deep burgundy red and maintains a mild flavour 75 seeds SOW: a little seed every 2-3 weeks in spring and summer to give you a succession of lettuces. You can start them in modules and transplant. GROW: Plant out when large enough to do so. You can plant from 10cm apart if you are cutting for baby leaf. For small heads plant at 20cm apart and cut alternate heads to give wider spacing as they grow. Watch out for slugs and snails – they love lettuces! EAT: Fresh in salad for fabulous colour and flavour or as a side to hot dishes such as pasta. You can also cook with Red Oakleaf: try stir frying, using as a wrap for baking salmon or add them to soup.

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